Mewahnya ukiran permata


Apa yang indah di  satu perhiasan. Dengan begitu banyak variasi batu permata untuk mengagumi, mereka menginspirasi untuk membuat, mengingini, dan-akhirnya-beli dan menikmati. Untuk menambah ketersediaan luas batu permata adalah berbagai cara mereka dapat dipotong, dirancang, dan mengatur. Salah satu cara yang saya tidak berpikir kita berbicara tentang sangat sering-dan ini bisa disebabkan kurangnya sorotan atau ketersediaan-adalah batu permata diukir. Seperti sebuah kanvas kosong prima untuk seni, kita paling sering melihat ukiran di bahan seperti batu giok, karang, cangkang (khususnya akting cemerlang), onyx, dan pirus. Aku benar-benar mendapatkan menendang keluar dari yang tak terduga, sehingga batu seperti zamrud atau tanzanite menampilkan pola bunga (atau lebih baik lagi, wajah!) Adalah sesuatu yang saya temukan sangat mendebarkan. Apakah ini sesuatu yang “tren?” Mungkin tidak. Saya merasa beruntung telah berselisih up sejumlah kecil ini pilihan bintang untuk hari ini. Saya kira itu merupakan ekspresi dari sesuatu yang saya ingin melihat lebih banyak. Saya memahami keinginan untuk kilauan dan bersinar dan benar-benar mendapatkan bahwa jika Anda bekerja dengan batu permata berkualitas tinggi, Anda mungkin akan keluar dengan sesuatu faceted atas apa pun. Tapi saya hanya berpikir ini keren, terutama untuk potongan pernyataan yang lebih besar, sehingga itu sesuatu yang saya akan mengawasi keluar untuk di Vegas, seluruh percakapan, dan berburu perhiasan internet umum. Bagaimana dengan kamu? Apa pikiran Anda pada batu permata diukir?
cameo liontin Buddha di 18k emas kuning dengan peridot, amethyst, safir, ruby ​​kaca-diisi, dan kaca Venesia,
Tutti Frutti anting-anting di 18k emas putih dengan 64,02 cts. t.w. zamrud, 23,58 cts. t.w. rubi, 11.82 cts. t.w. safir, dan 3,54 cts. t.w. berlian, harga atas permintaan; Andreoli
Diukir liontin di 18k emas kuning dengan 5,88 ct. tanzanite dan 0,22 ct. t.w. berlian, $ 2.450; Vivaan
Menjatuhkan anting-anting di 18k emas putih dengan batu giok yang diukir, 2,66 cts. t.w. safir, dan 1,62 cts. t.w. berlian, $ 27.041; Yael Desain

Diukir anting penurunan 14K dengan karang merah, kunzite, dan berlian hitam, $ 4.100; Graziela Gems di toko batu permata online 

four Legend of Forced Out by the club he loves


the last five seasons, the number of players remaining in the club with a long duration of thinning. In fact, a few years before there are figures such as Paolo Maldini, Paul Scholes or Ryan Giggs, who retired in his beloved club respectively.

Now, turn to John Terry and Francesco Totti who is rumored to be expelled from Chelsea and AS Roma. Of course this will make the poignant because the fans wanted to see the iconic players retire at the club.

Here are eight living legend who was forced out by the club, which ironically loved by the players, as published Squawka, Tuesday (02/23/2016):

1. Steven Gerrard

Gerrard seems to have been destined to retire at the club where he idolai since childhood. However, it was only a dream since he left Anfield to get to LA Galaxy. Gerrard in Liverpool career did not end up with the sweet because in her last match slaughtered Stoke City with a score of 1-6.

2. Iker Casillas

Gerrard is not the only legendary figure who left his beloved club in the summer of 2015. Real Madrid Iker Casillas was sent off after mengapteni El Real for many years and provides a series of prestigious titles.

Indeed, Casillas is old (34 years old). However, how Madrid was the one who received public criticism related to the departure of San Iker. Spanish international goalkeeper was to tears at his final press conference for Madrid.

3. Xavi Hernandez

Xavi became one of the legends who took off the uniform beloved club in the summer of 2015. His career at Camp Nou was a sweet ending for the Blaugrana won the treble for the second time.

Some of the previous season, the departure of Xavi signs are already visible with management who bring in midfielder Ivan Rakitic. In his final season, the figure of Spanish nationality is also more inhabit the bench.

4. Alessandro Del Piero

Although starting a career at Padova, Del Piero will always be known as a Juventus player. The figure commonly nicknamed Il Pinturicchio The Bianconeri in uniform for 19 years (1993-2012).

Del Piero is the record holder for most appearances at Juventus with 705 times. He even remained loyal to the Old Lady when relegated to Serie B in 2006 due to the Calciopoli scandal.

Malaysian taxi Worst in the World


LondonCabs few days ago released a list of “10 Worst Countries to the taxi driver”. Taxis in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as the fleet entered service in the world’s worst driver.

One of the points that criticized the site is the behavior of a taxi driver who is considered very bad. “The taxi driver in Kuala Lumpur is known for excessive withdrawal rates, they sought to bring passengers circling,” writes the site.

According to the website report, many taxi drivers in Malaysia refused to use the meter, but the tool was required.

Taxi driver association Centre Kuala Lumpur precisely agree with the assessment that taxis in Malaysia into the fleet with the worst service. The association was even reveal negative facts taxi drivers in Kuala Lumpur.

President of the association, Badrol Hisham said negative assessment was also justified Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD). “However, the involvement of SPAD with minimal taxi associations,” he said.

“There are too many taxi drivers out there, and easy to be one of them. Anyone can become a taxi driver, even ex-convicts could be a taxi driver. All they need to do is just have the driver’s license, “he added, as reported by The Malay Mail Online.

Badrol said SPAD must tighten the screening process and the taxi drivers do not tolerate in giving permission. “In addition, SPAD must provide more intensive training for taxi drivers to improve their attitude and service,” he said.

SPAD chairman, Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar, also agreed with the London site assessment. “We have organized many programs and training courses for taxi drivers, and even had a course on manners,” he said.

“But there has not been much improvement. In the end, it lies in the hands of the taxi industry and drivers to improve. ”

Syed Hamid said that 50 percent of 42 thousand taxis operating in Kuala Lumpur is privately owned. “Most private taxis older than seven years and SPAD has encouraged drivers to buy new cars

Taylor Swift Success Create Best Album


Taylor Swift name has become a guarantee of successful musicians in the modern era. He also became a singer with sales of best-selling albums in the last decade.

Unsparing, the name of the successful Taylor Swift became the first artist who has sold five million albums in just 36 weeks during the last decade.

As reported by the website Contactmusic, the success of the former lover Harry Styles managed to undermine the hegemony of Usher that successfully achieve that in the year 2004.

The success of Taylor Swift also able to surpass the singer Adele is also successfully selling albums to 11 million copies to date.

The album “1989” alone is currently growing graph on the Billboard Hot 100, and was in third position this week. The album itself continues to exist in the charts for 36 weeks last and always be in the top 10 rankings.

Changed Mind, Jordan Clear Move Clubs


Center DeAndre Jordan provide false hope to the Dallas Mavericks. Jordan reportedly canceled defending the Mavericks and will continue to play with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Clippers made a breakthrough at the last minute on Wednesday (07.08.2015) when the United States to maintain Jordan. Clippers approached Jordan after the player was free agent re-think about the deal strengthens the Mavericks.

As is known, Jordan and the Mavericks had already agreed a four-year contract worth 80 million USD last week. But the new contract can be signed on Thursday reported by livescore123 nba (09/07/2015).

Jordan so that it did not join the Mavericks, Clippers offer a five-year contract for a fee greater than that given the Mavericks.

To convince Jordan to survive, the Clippers trying desperately to seduce him. They menggirimkan contingent at full strength to Houston to meet Jordan. Two stars Clipper Blake Griffin and Paul Pierce joined the group. So reported by Yahoo Sports.

Not to be outdone by the Clippers, Mavericks boss Mark Cuban also went to Houston to try to persuade Jordan to remain on its original commitment to join the Mavericks.

Not just this time the Mavericks lost the player who initially had agreed to join. In 2012, then Jason Kidd instead moved to New York Knicks after initially stating willing to return to the Mavericks.